Our Founder

Late Mr. Kapoorchand M. Chandaria was a visionary leader who began
the effort to empower villages in the 1970s. Mr. Chandaria recognized
the significance of water and resources to be retained in a village

With a strong belief in building self-sustaining village communities
he established Anarde Foundation. His ideology was simple – rural
resources must be exploited by rural masses themselves, as they own them.
This continues to be the guiding principle for Anarde Foundation.

He was also involved with several other charitable activities for rural
development of India. The Chandaria Charitable Foundation Trust
runs 4 Uttarbuniyadi schools in Jamnagar for underprivileged rural children.

Late Mr. Kapoorchand M. Chandaria
Founder of Anarde Foundation

Our Journey

On the 1st of April 1979, ANARDE was established as the CSR. with the objective of uplifting and empowering rural India.
Four decades since, Anarde Foundation has come a long way. Today we work with a model that is uniquely ours and successfully running in rural India


Our Aim

Village Water should remain in the Village

Village Youth should remain in the Village

Village Wealth should remain in the Village

Our Vision and Mission

Sustenance with Dignity &
not Charity
Income Generation/ Enhancement

To Achieve Integrated &
Holistic Rural
Development by Providing
Sustainable Solutions

Our Presence

Interventions in Gujarat
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Interventions in Maharashtra

Team Anarde

Key Strengths

  • Excellent Team Work
  • Locally Connected and Well Established
  • Freedom of Project Design & Implementation
  • Dedicated and Experienced Work Force
  • Multi-disciplinary and with Vast Field Experience