India’s growing population is intensifying the demand for water. The current lack of access to water is costing us in human health and financial losses.
Our largely agrarian economy is being battered by the vagaries of Climate Change.
At Anarde Foundation we are driven to address these challenges. We use our decades of field experience, close connect with the local communities and our network of donors to make a difference.

Here is how we are transforming Water in rural India.




Our donors support us under Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Philanthropy.
We initiate projects designed to create maximum impact aiming to create water security or a water positive status.
We offer a tested technology with filtration, making water safe to drink.
The Government of India launched the Jal Shakti Abhiyan campaign to urge all stakeholders to save water.
We offer drip irrigation and sprinkler systems to ensure efficient use of water.
Our strategic interventions for water conservation and management include tree plantation, deepening of ponds and building check dams.

Clean Drinking Water

The lack of clean drinking water causes sickness, children drop out of

school, adults miss work, the loss is felt across the community pushing
them further into debt and poverty.

Lack of water for sanitation exacerbates these problems.

We build Clean Drinking Water (CDW) plants in such villages with the

support of local communities and our corporate partners.

Our CDW projects completely transform lives of entire communities.

Water Conservation & Afforestation

India receives water from seasonal rains and a network of rivers.
Groundwater is used extensively for farming. Gross overuse and
neglect has degraded and depleted almost all sources.

One of our solutions is to conserve water.

We initiated traditional and new conservation measures to
increase efficiency. Drip irrigation and sprinkler systems reduce
water usage and help conserve water, keeping farmers happy
while ensuring a water secure future for all.

“Understanding the crucial link between trees, water and environment, we
undertake tree plantations to enhance storage capacity of the soil while ensuring perpetuation of precipitation cycle, restoring the bio-diversity and `addressing climate change.” .

Water Management

Water is an abundant and precious natural resource. Due to unequal distribution and climate change we are facing water scarcity. One of the solutions is to manage water resources including increasing efficiency and caution in water use.

Our efforts include pond deepening, building check dams and such new and traditional ways of conserving our rural water resources.

Pond deepening ensures water stands long enough to sink into the ground and recharge ground water. Check dams work similarly by holding water in one place for longer.