What is our focus?

Over the years we have learnt that there are certain areas which are critical for the transformation of rural communities from vulnerable and marginalized to empowered and self-sustained. These areas have become our key focus areas that together form our Holistic Rural Development model.

Anarde’s Holistic Rural Development Model


How does it work?

Water is linked to Sanitation which is fundamental to a healthy life.


Low cost infrastructure gives the a solid foundation to build a better life.


Upskilling enables women and youth to earn incomes through livelihood.


Financial Inclusion empowers them to become credit-worthy save money.


A domino effect creating ripples of impact improving lives and
securing the future.

Features of Our Model

    • Focus on the inter-related aspects of the needs of the beneficiaries.
    • A two-pronged approach of interventions and technology as well as
      training and financial support.
    • Experience of this model demonstrates a sustainable positive
      impact for all.

Our Approach

Our tried and tested process evolved over years through on the field experience, involves the following


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