What is the impact of our work?

All our projects are designed to meet the needs of the beneficiaries. We outline the roadmap towards achieving project objectives which are aligned to our vision as a social impact and rural development organization. We ensure documentation, follow up and monitoring for continuous improvement. This provides evidence of the impact our projects have made in transforming the lives of our beneficiaries.

Social, Environmental & Economic Impact

The goal for our work is to achieve a sustainable impact. Sustainable includes all three pillars which represent people under social, planet under environmental and profit under economic


How do we conduct Impact Assessments?

The sole purpose of impact assessment is to track improvements which increase the value of programs as well as the people that they serve.
Social impact assessment helps organizations to plan better, implement more effectively and successfully bring initiatives to scale.
As an Impact Analysis Tracking Mechanism, Anarde Foundation provides its partners with a detailed Impact Monitoring and Analysis Report for suitability and sustainability of the project after its execution.
Such Impact Analysis Reports increase transparency and accountability as well as support stakeholder communication. They also serve as a guideline in the allocation of scarce resources.

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Clean Drinking Water


CDW Plant for Rural Communities

Clean Drinking Water


Our 1st individual 6000 LPD UF Plant Communities

Water Conservation


Drip Irrigation

Water Conservation


Sprinkler System

Water Conservation


Tree Plantation

Water Management


Pond Deepening

Low Cost Housing

Houses for Villagers

Low Cost Sanitation

School Blocks

Low Cost Sanitation

Individual Toilets

Shed for Animals

Cattle Shed


Agriculture & Horticulture

Finance, Marketing & Handicrafts


Vocational Training


Farmers Support Program

Knowledge & Technology

Learning Aids for Schools

BaLA in School &Anganwadi

Livelihood Opportunities