Incorporating the financially weak into the mainstream will boost the nation.

Government of India Census and Crisil index show an overall improvement of financial inclusion in India over the past decade. With access to banking services such as loans, rural communities are able to generate income, save money, educate their children and live a better life.
We help in the formation of new Self Help Groups, educating them on finance,
linking them to banks for micro-credits and setting them up with micro-enterprises.

Here is how we are creating a financially strong rural India.

Formation of New SHGs
Self Help Groups

Bank Linkages
Loans & Micro-credit

Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The rural economy needs to be boosted so that youth, women and farmers are able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. From the first step of becoming financially literate and receiving a loan, thereby becoming credit worthy, to employing other people, creating assets and eventually setting aside savings, it’s a journey and well worth the effort and time.
We support the formation of new SHGs, educate them on financial services and connect them to Banks to set up accounts and receive loans for their new small businesses.

Formation of New SHGs

The National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) by the Government of
India with support from the World Bank, has been instrumental in the
creation of the SHG model.

We help form new SHGs in all the villages we work in. Women come
together to register as SHGs and they are trained to become financially

SHGs become part of a structure of institutions in the villages.
Marginalized women in groups of 10 often form clusters, their numbers
going up to 1000 plus.

The power of numbers is one impact in addition to the markets,
employment and income they create.

Bank Linkages

Financial inclusion by definition includes access to banking
services including micro-credit as well as financial literacy.

The permeation of regional branches of National & Private Banks
into villages has increased inclusion. We organize programs for
SHGs to connect with local Banks while helping them with
understanding and supplying the requirements.

Creating such Bank Linkages is crucial for SHGs to proceed to the
next step of setting up livelihood options in the form of small


Every person of employable age is capable of contributing to the
economy and improving their standard of living.

Especially women in rural India who are slowly stepping out of
traditional roles enclosed behind four walls and into the market as

We support women who have the knowledge of a traditional craft or
home made product to increase their output and market their
products. We also conduct skill training in handicrafts of the region so
they are able to diversify and offer a range for sale.