Incorporating the financially weak into the mainstream will boost the nation.

Government of India Census and Crisil index show an overall improvement of financial inclusion in India over the past decade. With access to banking services such as loans, rural communities are able to generate income, save money, educate their children and live a better life.
We help in the formation of new Self Help Groups, educating them on finance,
linking them to banks for micro-credits and setting them up with micro-enterprises.

Here is how we are creating a financially strong rural India.

Formation of New SHGs
Self Help Groups

Bank Linkages
Loans & Micro-credit

Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The rural economy needs to be boosted so that youth, women and farmers are able to enjoy the fruits of their labour. From the first step of becoming financially literate and receiving a loan, thereby becoming credit worthy, to employing other people, creating assets and eventually setting aside savings, it’s a journey and well worth the effort and time.
We support the formation of new SHGs, educate them on financial services and connect them to Banks to set up accounts and receive loans for their new small businesses.

Formation of New SHGs

The National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) by the Government of
India with support from the World Bank, has been instrumental in the
creation of the SHG model.

We help form new SHGs in all the villages we work in. Women come
together to register as SHGs and they are trained to become financially

SHGs become part of a structure of institutions in the villages.
Marginalized women in groups of 10 often form clusters, their numbers
going up to 1000 plus.

The power of numbers is one impact in addition to the markets,
employment and income they create.

Bank Linkages

Financial inclusion by definition includes access to banking
services including micro-credit as well as financial literacy.

The permeation of regional branches of National & Private Banks
into villages has increased inclusion. We organize programs for
SHGs to connect with local Banks while helping them with
understanding and supplying the requirements.

Creating such Bank Linkages is crucial for SHGs to proceed to the
next step of setting up livelihood options in the form of small


Every person of employable age is capable of contributing to the
economy and improving their standard of living.

Especially women in rural India who are slowly stepping out of
traditional roles enclosed behind four walls and into the market as

We support women who have the knowledge of a traditional craft or
home made product to increase their output and market their
products. We also conduct skill training in handicrafts of the region so
they are able to diversify and offer a range for sale.

Livelihood Opportunities


Vermi-compost is an organic fertilizer that protects the produce and increases fertility of the soil.
Our SHG groups are trained in creating vermi-compost – which will be used by them and also provided to farmers at a reasonable cost earning them an income.

Learning Aids for Schools

BaLA in School &Anganwa

BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) has been implemented in the Primary School, Madap, Raigad, Maharashtra, India.
The villagewas chosen because it is isolated with limited infrastructure inhabited by poor and tribal people.
The idea was to motivate the children towards education and provide better learning prospectives.
The principal, the teachers and the school children were pleased with the work and support received through this project.

Farmers Support Program

Knowledge & Technology

Project for Irrigation & Weed Management Training for total of 72 mustard seed growing Farmers under the Farmers Support Program at village Budhanpur Tal. Tharad, Dist. Banaskantha, Gujarat, India.
The farmers learnt proper Irrigation &Weed (both Mechanical & Chemical) Management and were advised to use chemicals wisely & in minimum quantity to avoid the soil, water contamination &work towards oganic farming practices, using Integrated Pest & Nutrient Management (IPM & INM)
All the farmers responded well in this program & were happy to participate.


Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Radhe SHG comprises of 10 women with skills in producing handmade food / products on a small scale. They are trained in marketing and helped to package the products for sale at exhibitions. This enables them to earn income and become independent and valuable members of their families and village communities.
Radhe SHG is financially supported through an initial loan from Bank of India and a Government scheme facilitated by Anarde Foundation.

Bank Linkages

Loans & Micro-credit

A meeting of 20 Self Help Groups (SHGs) receiving loans amounting to INR 23.21 lacs.
Loan sanction letter distribution by Mr. Joshi DRDA Bhuj & Mr A.G.Desai TDO, in Anjar, Gujarat, India.
Financial inclusion is an enabler. Learning about finance, becoming credit worthy, receiving a loan to start a micro-enterprise, earning money and then starting savings in a Bank are all steps towards a secure and sustainable future. The chance to improve and better lives.
One of our most impactful verticals under Holistic Rural Development.

Formation of New SHGs

Self Help Groups

Meeting of 5 Self Help Groups (SHGs) groups of the village Sangad called Sakhi mandal organised at Kandla, Gujarat.
A proven method to organising groups of women is through forming SHGs. Collectively women are able to attend training, learn about finance and business, start small businesses and earn an income.
SHGs are foundation blocks upon which women empowerment is built.

Vocational Training


We organised vocational training for youth in rooftop solar panel installation, maintenance and monitoring.
Solar is a renewable energy source and upcoming field.
The program was held in association with RTI Gandhinagar at Anjar ITI Gujarat. Our youth will be assured of jobs in this field.

Finance, Marketing & Handicrafts


Training program over six days for our SHG group women on hand crafting artificial jewelry.....they learn to make bangles, mangalsutras, necklaces and sets.
Usually the training lasts for 12 days but this is a shorter version.
Later we will help them set up stalls and earn an income from the sale of their handmade jewelry.


Agriculture & Horticulture

We organized an all round training and demonstration program for our farmers in Village Shinai, Kandla, Gujarat, INDIA. An exposure visit, the idea was to share knowledge and demonstrate various best practices, techniques and technologies to improve farming. Activity based training included vision to MotaBhadiya where they saw recharge of bore well, demonstration of SRI in wheat, gabion structure and more.
Helped the farmers understand aquifers, village JalSuraksha Planning and Management, including water meter and water sources. Our Anarde team was delighted with the response to this program for farmers which was appreciated by all the participants.

Shed for Animals

Cattle Shed

Domestic animals and animal husbandry is a crucial part of livelihood options in rural India. We help build cattle sheds and animal shelters adjacent to the houses in villages.
Ensuring the animals aresafe and remain healthy thereby contributing to the family’s need for produce and additional income.

Low Cost Sanitation

Individual Toilets

Anarde Foundation has developed a unique model for Individual Household Toilets. This model is equipped with a dedicated tank with water and a washing area to encourage clean sanitation. Other features include tiles, taps, door and ventilation.
We partnered with individual and corporate donors under CSR to build these toilets. Impact assessment shows improved health and living standards in these projects.

Low Cost Sanitation

School Blocks

School sanitation project from SUZUKI Motor Gujarat Private Limited, Gujarat Anarde have planned to construct 7 sanitation units at Mehsana district at Gujarat.
Out of these 7 school sanitation units 2 school units were taken up for construction at in Finchadi and Hansalpur school.
Advantages of such sanitation blocks ensure children do not fall sick, attend school and costs from illness are saved.

Low Cost Housing

Houses for Villagers

As an implementing agency for housing, we have facilitated the construction of a large number of low-cost houses in various parts of the country.
As a mediator, we have made available loans / subsidies to beneficiaries from various funding agencies like NABARD, Bank of Baroda, SIDBI, and Habitat for Humanity and Govt. of India’s schemes.
Our specially designed low cost houses provide rural poor with a pucca and proper housing meeting one of the most important and basic needs - a secure shelter.
Most of our rural communities do not have a proper house. Building a pucca house for them ensures a shelter against all outside elements and keeps them safe and secure.

Water Conservation

Check Dams

On 14th October 2019 we constructed 5 Vanrai bunds along with the farmers at Plotpada, Village Medhe, Tal Vasai Palghar, Maharastra.
We tried understand and analyse the problems faced by the residents and invited them to join hands with us.
We filled cement bags with sand and deposited them on the banks of the streams in the village. At some points we restructured loose boulders to ensure they stop the flow and hold water.
The ‘Vanrai Bunds’ will be useful for agriculture, animal husbandry as well as increase percolation of water into the ground so as to keep the level of water in the village wells at a substantial level.

Water Conservation

Pond Deepening

265 famers from Dhudiya Agariya village and 35 farmers from the neighbouring hamlet, Samuhkheti have benefited from pond deepening.
Additionally, 95 farmers from nearby village of Jhapodar also benefited.
The water level of bore wells and drinking water sources have increased, since this year 2019, the rainfall was good.
In the photos 2 farmer beneficiaries: Mr Manubhai Bhikhabhai Chavda and Madhabhai Manglabhai Solera shared the above findings.
Mr Manubhai Bhikhabhai in the photo indicating the excess water that goes into the Dhatarvadi Dam.

Water Conservation

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation with IOCL at Varna village
250 trees planted and 400 plants distributed to the community for individual plantation.
One of the most well received initiatives since everyone understands the value of trees and are happy to have them in their surroundings.

Water Conservation

Sprinkler System

We have installed sprinkler systems for farmers in Dalwana village in Gujarat. Sprinklers ensure water distribution across wide area with efficiency and minimal loss.
Farmers are happy to save water, time and costs.

Water Conservation

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation for farmers in Vav village in Gujarat has successfully saved water while allowing farmers to grow crops with good quality produce.
Farmers have been cultivating crops including sugarcane, chilli, giloda, turmeric and suran.This project was implemented in partnership with GGRC.

Clean Drinking Water

Our 1st individual 6000 LPD UF Plant

Our 1st individual 6000 LPD Ultra Filtration Plant for Clean Drinking Water inaugurated in Anjar Kutch Gujarat.
Located at Shree Ganesh Indian Oil Petrol Pump, Nani Chirai, National Highway 8A.We received tremendous positive response from all the villagers.

Clean Drinking Water

CDW Plant for Rural Communities

We set up a CDW plat at Haripar, Gujarat in August 2019.
Previously the village had low access to potable water. Now with the CDW plant all the villagers are happy to finally have clean drinking water for their needs.

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We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.

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We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.We are an NGO with all the required certifications working in the field since 1979, partner with us to create your own stories of impact under CSR.